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Undergraduate students at Pars benefit from the extraordinary resources of an interdisciplinary institution dedicated to undergraduate teaching. Pars University owes its reputation for its balancing excellence to their students through both classroom instruction and an independent study advising. This academic system gives the students and academics the benefits of belonging both to a theoretical and experimental community. It brings together leading academics and students across subjects and year groups and from different cultures, both Iranian and from foreign countries, helping to foster the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires much of the outstanding research, academic achievement of the University and makes Pars a leader in so many fields in Iran.

The University:

  • Determines the content of the courses within which college teaching takes place.
  • Organizes lectures, seminars and lab work.
  • Provides a wide range of resources for teaching and learning in the form of libraries, laboratories, museums, computing facilities, and so on.
  • Provides administrative services and centrally managed student services such as counseling and careers.
  • Admits and supervises graduate students, and examines theses.
  • Sets and marks examinations, and awards degrees.